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Leadership Team
Mrs Hoodless

Kim Hoodless

Executive Headteacher
The Robinswood Primary Academy Trust(The Trust is made up of Robinswood, Waterwells and Hunts Grove Primary Academies)
The Executive Headteacher is responsible for the strategic direction of the three schools which form part of our Multi Academy Trust. Mrs Hoodless took up her post as Executive Headteacher in September 2014 having previously been a Headteacher in the North Cotswolds and then Cheltenham.
Mrs Rawlings


Head of School The Head of School leads and manages the school on a day-to-day basis. Mrs Rawlings has taught at Robinswood Primary School for many years and has taught year groups across Key Stage 1 and 2.  In that time she also undertook on a range of leadership roles before moving to open Waterwells in September 2013.
Mrs Whittaker

Katie Whittaker


Trust Key Stage One Phase Leader Mrs Whittaker is responsible for teaching, learning and pupil achievement in Key Stage 1 within the Trust, as well as being part of the Trust computing team. Mrs Whittaker came across to Waterwells from Robinswood Primary when the school was opened in September 2013. She has experience in teaching Reception, year 1 and year 2.
Mrs McKerrow

Natalie McKerrow

Trust Reception Phase Leader Mrs McKerrow is responsible for co-ordinating the work of all Reception classes within our Trust. She joined Waterwells in January 2014 and has much experience of teaching and leading in the foundation stage.
Mrs Morris

Kate Morris

Trust Pre-School Manager Mrs Morris previously taught for many years in the foundation stage at Robinswood Primary School. Mrs Morris successfully set up the Pre-school and ‘Achieving Two Year Olds’ group at Waterwells and is also the lead practitioner for the pre-schools across our Trust.
Mrs Waltho


KS2 Teaching & Learning Lead &

Trust Maths Lead

Mrs Waltho has worked within the trust at Robinswood Primary and now works in all KS2 classes at Waterwells. She leads on KS2 teaching and learning and is also the lead for the trust Maths team.
Teaching Staff
Reception Teaching Staff Teaching Assistants
Reception  Mrs McKerrow (Class RNM)

Natalie McKerrow

 Mrs Kehn-Alafun

Saecha Rankin

Mrs Savage (Class RRS)Becky Savage Mrs Lowe


Key stage 1
Year 1 Miss Stroud (Class 1OS)






Mrs Fernandez

Yvonne Fernandez

Year 1 Miss O’Connell (Class 1KO)

Katie O'Connell

Miss Worrall





Year 2 Miss Williams (Class 2KW)

Katie Williams

Mrs Sage-Jones

Lisa Sage-Jones

Year 2 Mrs Whittaker (Class 2KWH)

Katie Whittaker

Miss Bircher            /     Mrs Mandeville

Kelly Bircher    Jenny Mandeville

Key stage 2
Year 3 Miss Dando  (Class 3JD)

Jen Dando






Mr Hockaday (Class 3DH)


Mrs Franks

Blanka Franks

Mrs Wynn

Laura Wynn

Year 4 Miss Emberton (Class 4KE)

Karley Emberton

Mrs Hipkins

Debs Hipkins

Year 5 Mrs Bingham (Class 5RB)






Mrs Illingworth






Year 6 Miss Thomson (Class 6AT)





Mrs Fryer

Becky Fryer

Groups Pre-School Key Workers
Key Person for Green & Purple Groups Mrs Anne Straughan – Deputy Pre-school Manager

Anne Straughan

Key Person for Blue & Yellow Groups



Miss Katy Whitmore

Katy Whitmore

Key Person for Red & Orange Groups


Mrs Rachael Harrison

Rachael Harrison

Key Person for Grasshoppers & Ladybird Groups


Miss Vicky Young

Vicky Young

Key Person for Dragonflies & Butterflies Groups



Mrs Nicola Hall

Nicola Hall

Other Roles
Other Roles
School Business Manager  Mr Cowley
School Administrator  Mrs Penswick

Jane Penswick

Site Manager Mr Nik Marshall


Learning Support Officer  Mrs Tracy Salisbury

Tracy Salisbury

Family Support Worker  Mr Ross Eakers


SENCo  Mrs Burgess


1-1 Teaching Assistants  Mrs Parker     /    Mrs Ellis    / Mrs Popoola

Tanya Parker      Jen Ellis251-220e1d04cb

Class cover and Pupil premium teacher  Mrs J Crompton

Janet Crompton

Class Cover  Mrs Timpson
 Music Teacher  Mrs L Crompton
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